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Old Brush, New Work

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photo(5) A number 4 Africana sable brush from 1970's USA. The 'Africana' company once provided high quality glazes, stains and supplies for the booming '70's ceramic industry. My parents had distribution rights for the products in the Grande Prairie (AB) area when they owned their ceramic studio. I used this brush to paint many small ceramic objects - then in the 1980's it took me through art school. In amazing condition, it is still one of my favourite brushes and will come with me to the Banff Centre in February (2015) for a visual art residency. I received word today that I am accepted into the Leighton Artist Colony - Gerin-Lajoie Studio. While at the studio I will focus solely on my art - (yes, someone else will do the cooking and the cleaning for me!) As part of my planned  Education Leave from work, I have until the end of April to concentrate on my art practice. I feel a deep gratitude for this opportunity and plan to make the most of it. I shall keep you updated.

More Alaska

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I finally had time to catch my breath and edit some of these photos for you to see.

Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier

The colour and cold wind coming off of this glacier was incredible! On the trail which takes you to this glacier there were markers indicating how much the glacier had receeded over the years. It was over a kilometer from 1965, the year after I was born until the base of where the glacier now sits.



Matanuska Glacier and Al

It was a hike worth making to get up close to the glacier and he even tasted the ice.



Glacier Calving (big ice chunks falling off into the ocean).

We cruised for 3 hours on a catamaran to see this glacier.

The seas were calm that day so no one got motion sickness.



Father/Daughter bonding while the son fishes.

Most of the fish in this river were spawning salmon that were no good to eat.

But apparently there were some fish who were not spawning, but were waiting for the eggs to drop so that they could eat them. Those are the fish you want to eat.




Lighthouse at Ninilchuk

It was early morning. We woke up after camping the night here and saw this beautiful lighthouse.

We couldn't see it the night before when we pulled it because it was raining so hard.



Octopus at Sealife Center in Seward.

He was in the right place, I had my camera handy, the rest is history. Nice colour!




On the Road Between Palmer and Glennallen.

We saw a lot of this. Mountains and glaciers at every turn.

In fact, part of this highway is called the Turnagain Arm because it is so beautiful that you just want to turn look again.