Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

Art has always been my voice, expressing emotions and deep thoughts in a way that my words cannot.   

Artistic Vision. It's in my dreams.

Ideas for my art come to me in dreams. As I wake in the morning, images of completed pieces with all their detail flood my mind. I keep a journal beside my bed to record these images and colours before they fade. These early morning dreams guide me as I create throughout the day.

Canadian, with roots that go way back.

My family's culture and history are important to my work;  European, Scottish, French, Ukranian, Ojibwa and Cree people who intermarried and raised families. My paternal great grandfather, Frank Gullion came to Athabasca Landing, (now Athabasca, Alberta, Canada) as a small boy. His father - a retired Hudson's Bay Fur Trade employee from the Orkneys in Scotland and his mother - Ojibwa from Eastern Canada - were entrepreneurial people who started a boat building business on the banks of the River. Generations later in 1964 my parents Ken Gullion (Métis) and Loretta Berezan (Ukranian) began their life together in the same town. I was born there making me the 5th generation to live in that place.

My family were people who used their hands to create with wood, clay, paint and paper. As a child I watched my grandmother work with clay from the banks of the Athabasca River and I played with my mother's oil paints.

Studio Practice and Research.

My studio is at my home in the Thompson Okanagan area of British Columbia, Canada.
I am fortunate to see the wild sheep from Mount Paul out my studio window. From here I work on artistic research as well as create. My research interests include:

  1. The connection between Métis material cultural and traditional artforms (hide tanning, beading, working with quills, and garment making) and personal well-being, and

  2. Investigating (and restoring) Métis identity through art.

I have been working as a professional artist since the 1980's. I earned associate degrees in Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design, and a Master's Degree in Art Education. During the winter months I teach, and several times a year I meet with peers at art residencies or in larger cities where we discuss whatever is current in the world of art.

Who buys my art?

My art has found a home with people of all ages in offices and homes nationally and internationally. My youngest patron was only 10 years old when she bought a small pastel work for her bedroom. In 2010, Coca Cola commissioned me as one of 12 artists to paint an 8 ft replica of their bottle for the Olympics. I also create pieces for public art, editorial magazines and children's book illustrations, like the one created for Shane Koyczan's book, To This Day.

“If I had my way, every home, office or cabin would include original artwork so that people would feel connected to, and inspired by the creative world around them.
— Kim