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It always feels good to complete things, and I feel good having completed another Digital Arts and Media class at College of New Caledonia. I posted my students marks yesterday. I am looking forward to teaching this class next year as they have promised me new software, and a different lab (PC, rather than Mac, but I will survive.)

use whatever you have...

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Teaching the first two classes of digital art and media, with obsolete machines (older Mac G4's), and software that is 3-4 versions old has definitely not been easy. It has been next to impossible to find reference books, enough for 20 students to buy, and online help just doesn't cut it. Since the college will not be upgrading the software or equipment anytime soon, I have really had to think about this class and what of relevance I can teach the students. Approaching this as though it were a drawing or painting class has been the answer. It cannot be a software class, therefore it will be an art class who will learn to make art with whatever software they have. Hasn't that been a tradition for students all along? When I was an art student, I could never afford stretched canvas to paint on and ended up painting on cardboard out of my mother's panty-hose, masonite, or whatever scraps of wood I could find at the local lumber yard. Why should life for a digital art student be any different?

One Giant Leap

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On January 10th I will start a new job. I'm having the usual new job jitters, mixed with excitement as I have taken a step in a new direction. For more than 14 years I earned my keep as a Graphic Designer. Now I will teach in the Fine Art program at the local college. This represents a huge step for me as I have always wanted to teach art. Sometimes the thing we want most is that which we avoid. I am happy to say that I am no longer procrastinating. Well, for those of you who know me, I'm no longer procrastinating about teaching...