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Today is the first day of the new semester. It always feels like a fresh start at the beginning of each term. I thought I was ready for this week, but I keep finding little tasks that I have forgotten. I think I will make myself a pre-semester check list for next time. It became difficult to stay organized when I took on a full course load. I now have 3 sets of students in two separate programs, 4 courses, and one 'team-teach' course. There is a lot to organize. Last semester I had over 150 computer files handed in to me just for 'one' assignment in one class. These courses are complicated to teach as they deal with creative software that is constantly changing. Last semester I taught students to use 6 different pieces of software, digital cameras, scanners, lighting kits, and 5 different drawing and painting styles. I marked 279 assignments, facilitated 163 critiques, gave 35 lectures and tallied 36 final grades. The number of meals I made at home were.... ha! I had you going, didn't I? I think it would be interesting to keep statistics at home as well as work. Then when you ask yourself, "Where did the time go?" You will be able to answer yourself accurately. In the meantime, I started this semester with 1 lecture as of today...have a great new year!