Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

gifts of the spirit

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A friend pointed me to this art by Irene Kordalis Pedersen which is created in the spirit. Moved by her faith in the God of Abraham, she uses scripture from the Bible as a backdrop on which she hangs words, colours and shapes as she is so moved by her God-breathed inner spirit. Otherwise known as the "Holy Spirit" or the "Rouach HaKodesh". In order to successfully do this, a person must clear the mind of any cognative thoughts, those of order, reason, evaluation, critisism and let the tools and the paint flow. I believe it is possible to connect with the creative spirit of God and let God move and direct the painting of a visual. These paintings by Irene are amazing and have some very interesting colour and symbolism that I immediately recognize and relate to. Others who have seen her work in person feel the same. This "spirit-led" work is not an isolated incidence. Musicians have attempted "spirit-led" Jazz, like my friend Jeremy Stewart. This work is large!