Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

attendance is essential

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if you are going to succeed. I repeated that phrase several times yesterday to the fresh and enthusiastic faces in my New Media Illustration class. At first it seemed like any other piece of advice offered by a knowing individual...something to quickly blow off, however, as I think about it this morning, this phrase may offer something more tangible. How many times have you gone through your day performing a series of automated responses? "Today is the same as yesterday and it will be the same for tomorrow." you might think. We are not really present in some (or all) of our daily tasks, but attendance is essential! We need to be present, in the moment while we go through our day in order to succeed. And I think this applies to everything we do whether it is bagging groceries or running the corporation. All have a dream, but none will ever succeed unless they have habitually applied discipline to whatever task they are currently engaged in! Making it a daily habit builds confidence and the ability to follow through.
Rick Bartow,
an established, contemporary First Nations Artist says that it is not a matter of talent and inspiration that has given him success, but rather logging the hours in the studio. He goes every day and applies himself, whether he feels inspired to do it, or not. Marshall Arisman, Illustrator says, "Artists will never be satisfied, and anyone who tries to satisfy them is a fool." If you can substitute your name in the above statement, then all the more important is attendance for you. Know one else is responsible for your happiness and success...only you.