Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

picky eaters

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I have been watching with amusement as my husband attempts to evict the rodents who are using our vehicles as a deli. I guess it would help if the kids weren't constantly snacking in the backseat wherever we go as they are providing the smorg. Evidence of these nightly parties lay along the seats, the floor mats and the console in the form of small brown things. I have been patiently cleaning them up with the shop vacumn, only to find more the following morning. We are stumped as to how the critters are getting into the new car. (The old car has many holes from rust). In frustration, Kevin set the "never needs to be baited" mouse trap. Apparently it has a chemical smell that attracts the mice. The trap has been empty for weeks and I ventured to tell Kevin that country mice are probably not attracted to chemicals like city mice are. The next time I entered the new car I see the trap set once again, but this time it is baited...with gum. (insert supression of laughter here). Somehow I don't think the mice will go for that either. Does anyone have any suggestions?