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out of practice

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Yesterday Kevin and I decided to take the kids downhill skiing and snowboarding. We used to ski alot before the kids came along. It was, by far, Kevin's favourite hobby. Of course we have not "hit the slopes" in over 14 years. But we got out the antiquated equipment and attempted to put it on. Needless to say it doesn't fit as good as it used to. But that's okay, we will adjust our plans we think...Well, once the homework and chores were done it was after 1pm. Once the kids and snowboard and old ski's were loaded, it was 2pm, once we got to town, it was 2:45....most ski hills close between 3 and 4pm, so we decided to go sliding instead. After sliding maybe 3-4 times, my daughter decides she has to go pee and can't wait...Now it is 3:30....

So, we failed to make much of an outing today. I guess we are out of practice, or maybe we never accounted for the "kid" factor. It has been a while... I feel frustrated all over again just writing this.