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I was sore and exhausted, but satisfied when I arrived home Sunday night. I spent the weekend in Kelowna at a Karate seminar. It was a thorough workout with lots of new things to practice. I have been training in some form of martial art since 1989 when Kevin and I were mugged in New Westminster. It scared me enough to consider taking a beginners course in Shotokan Karate. I have found martial arts training to be the most complete physical and mental workout I have ever had. The style I am currently learning is Chito-Ryu. When I think ahead, I can't imagine a time when I won't be training. It becomes a lifestyle choice more than anything. At 41, I have excellent flexibility, good cardiovascular and fabulous blood pressure, why would I quit? Well, as a person learns more, it takes more discipline and more time to maintain what you know. Martial art is a jealous master for whom you cannot work part-time. At my level, (and my age), I should be training 2 hours, 3 times a week with an hour of practice on alternate days, not to mention daily stretching to maintain flexibility. I should be attending several weekend-long seminars, and learning the Japanese terms and history for my style. There are times when I am not able to train due to work or illness and it sure hurts (physically) when I return. I don't want to do that too many times! There seems to be a compromise to every good thing, and being physically and mentally fit is no exception. Still, I enjoy what I do.