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a fitting place

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I made a presentation to a multitude of 5 last Thursday. The talk was on current and historical work in Digital Art. We had a short discussion on whether or not these works can be considered art, and what separates art from someone simply using the technology...for example someone who uses Photoshop to manipulate a photo is not necessarily creating art. Although I was disappointed at the turnout for the lecture, those present were keenly interested and appreciative. We really enjoyed having the use of the best-equipt lecture theatre I have ever been in. It is one of two new theatres at the University of Northern British Columbia and is primarily used for northern medical students who join students and lectures taking place in other cities via electronic means. There are three display screens, each capable of projecting either a powerpoint presentation, a lecturer in another city, or other classes of students who have joined the lecture from other cities. As a student asks a question, there are microphones, and a camera which capture the students image and voice and project it to all other lecture theatres who are participating. Each lecturn has access to the internet, slide projector, VHS, and document reader enabling the instructor to use all manner of teaching materials. It really seemed like a fitting place to discuss the use of technology in art, and I really enjoyed playing with all the equipment! Thanks to my friend Tara for booking the space!