Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the blankets and wall hangings made ?

The blankets and walls hangings are digitally woven from a .jpg file format. I create a digital composition that includes my own photos, drawings and paintings then I send the file off to a weaving company in the US. This weaving company uses the digital file with their weaving machines to create the piece. When the woven piece returns to me in Canada,  I often add beadwork or other appliqué to finish off the work.

When you say you are an aboriginal or Métis artist, what do you mean ?

I am a descendant of families who were among the first to live on this continent. They can trace their stories back to the time before time and were here when European explorers arrived. That makes them indigenous to this continent. Indigenous families lived by a certain worldview that connected them to the land and to living in a sustainable way so that future generations of their people would inherit the land in the same healthy condition it was when they were first born. As a Métis artist, I try to live a lifestyle that is sustainable in a way that will care for the land I use and keep it in good condition. In my art practice I try not to waste anything, in fact I use many items that are repurposed from another life in my work.

Do you accept commissions ?

Yes! I am happy to accept commissions for woven pieces, paintings or drawings. If you have something in mind, please contact me and we can discuss the details.  There are several ways you can contact me.  Email is best, but you can also find me through social media. Have a look at my commissions page for more details.

Do you have other work for sale that is not on this website ?

I am creating new pieces all the time. Although I update my website on a regular basis and try to include a good variety of the art I create, there will be pieces in my studio that are not on the website. If you have something in mind and you do not see it on this site, please contact me and arrange to look at my other work. 

Are visitors allowed in your studio ?

I love to have visitors to the studio. If you are going to be in the Kamloops, British Columbia area please contact me ahead of time to make an appointment.

Can I return my purchase if I decide I don't want it ?

You can exchange the piece you have purchased for a piece of similar or greater value provided the purchased piece is returned in perfect condition. In some cases it may be possible to exchange commissioned pieces as well. Commissioned pieces for portraits or other personal imagery cannot be returned, however once you have commissioned me, I will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the high quality piece you are expecting. 

What currency are your prices in ?

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to the exchange rate on the date of purchase for US Currency.

Is there a way I can purchase your art if I am not in Canada or the US ?

Yes, If you are not in Canada, but you would like to purchase my work,  please contact me by email for further details.

Is there a way I can ask you questions that are not answered on this page ?

Yes! Please go to the contact page and send me an email with your question.