Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

Art Practice and Maintaining Momentum

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Nice studio, however it is currently filled with boxes.

Nice studio, however it is currently filled with boxes.

I am nearly 60 days beyond show opening for my INJUN-uity show and 2 weeks since moving boxes of belongings into a new house and new home studio. During the 2 months following my opening I was essentially homeless - going from one temporary residence to another, I wanted to continue with my art somehow, but it was impossible to focus without familiar tools and surroundings. Now in my new residence I feel overwhelmed by the task of setting up. Everywhere I look I see boxes.  I am desperate for some help. I checked my favourite artist motivator Austin Kleon. His advice on keeping momentium is to 'chain smoke', that is let a new idea light up off the spark of the last one. This will only work if I have a work space set up, which I do not, so I need to look for something else. In my online search for an 'instant' solution I found a blog post by Jory MacKay, a Toronto-based writer and strategist. It seems that many of his articles deal with managing distractions and harnessing pockets of time for productivity. In an old article from 2015 on creative momentium he pulls together suggestions from others in the visual arts industry. The one that caught my eye was grouping similar tasks together. I think if I assign pockets of time to each task group I might be able to make this work for me. Do you have strategies for creating and maintaining momentum? Have you had to continue your art practice under unusual circumstances? Feel free to share in the comments.