Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

mother of invention

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"Driving a minivan is like driving your living room around." ... a quote from my husband as he weighs his new vehicle options. Lets face it, he's right. Most new minivans have dvd players, independent climate control, cushy bucket or bench seats... I remember the old days when I was riding around in my parent's Oldsmobile. This second-hand Delta 88 was quite the ride! The back seat was so spacious, not to mention the back window ledge which was a common place for me to ride. I used to squeeze myself up there on my back and look straight up at the sky whizzing by. And when I got bored of that, I'd look out the window at the grass that was nothing but a blur. I'd try to pick a stick or clump of grass to focus on as it passed just to see if my eyes could move that fast, then complain, "Mom, I feel car sick." As I held in my cookies, my attention would turn to my brother who would be using the huge buckle for the seatbelt as an electric razor, sound effects and all. We had no idea what they were really for. One time, free from the restraint of a car seat I move closer to my mom. I could see the back of her head as it wobbled in front me. I wondered...what would happen if I just gave her a slap on the back of that head? I found out. I am sure it was incidents like that which preceeded the invention of car seats and popularized the use of restraints for kids and not a safety issue at all.