Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist


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3 hole rock I have been sick, a usual side effect for me when I travel. The aftermath is always a series of me resting and reorganizing my world. I think the reorganizing is as much mental as physical. Traveling changes my view of the world and it takes some time to digest it all and redraw those paradigms, those maps I previously had to describe the world. Alaska was a place desperate for tourist dollars. Each business, cruise, or little stand by the road pleaded with every passer-by to stop and drop some cash. The season is limited and locals struggles to make what they can before the flurry of outsiders head back home again. But outside of my cynical view, I also saw areas of vast wilderness. It sounds like a cliche, but there really is no other way to describe the space. This photo was taken on a glacier cruise of a place called '3 hole rock'. As the boat slowed in front of this view, everyone was silent. Even with the world of sat-tv, internet, and iphones, people can still be awestruck by nature. Amazing.