Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

smokin' in the boys room?

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I used to put it off as long as I could; going to relieve myself in the high school girls washroom. Most of the time it was a cancer pit of second hand smoke and the last place I ever wanted to be. I've been told the boys room was also a location where young men could participate in unapproved activities. Just as some things continue to change, so others never do. My son came home with an interesting tale about the boys room at the middle school where he attends. Apparently there was an empty box of liquor chocolates on the back of a toilet seat around Christmas time, and I imagined several young boys wandering around the school "feelin' real naughty". It struck a humorous cord for me. How much liquor is in one of those boxes anyway? I would think the most you could come out with would be a stomach ache.