Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

well, well

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Water, well, pump it up, clear, cold, useful.
Suddenly without, no doubt a hardship that strains the most patient one.
Count the days, when will he raise that precious cold fluid from the ground.
If I'm not around, I've gone to town to fetch it, pail, by pail.

You guessed it, we've been without water, off and on for over a week. It began with silt coming through our lines, blocking every screen on every hose, on every appliance. The big kid and I went out to our snow-infested front yard and began to dig out the well access. It took Kevin several days of replacing hardware, replumbing, reorganizing, repressurizing, but finally yesterday we had a reliable flow of water to the house again. It would seem though that the well is a wee bit short on water. Not entirely unusual right before the thaw, but this is lower than usual. After several heartfelt prayers, it began to rain last night and rained until about 3am. Yep, the well level is up for now. Hopefully that will be enough to hold us over until water flows free once again.