Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

While child with fever lays limp and flush, I spon...

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While child with fever lays limp and flush, I sponge her head. Her feet I encircle with cloth, plastic, hopes it will draw the heat.

Small loveseat waits for me. The early hours of the morning press in on my heavy eyelids. He wonders why I sleep.

Frustration, worry, tired mind, tired bones, resign me to lay upon my back. I think about days away; filled with living. The minimum takes so long. No skills to place things, to organize, to plan, to make short work long with a mind that wanders a crooked path. How difficult it feels to take time to care for myself. Guilt climbs higher with every moment spent on self. But this moment I care for someone else.

She sleeps while I look on and wonder what I've done wrong, yet he wonders why I sleep.