Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

procrastination - friend or foe?

creative motivation, home lifeKim StewartComment

I have been wrestling with this question for years. Perhaps it is my desire to see procrastination as a friend. Indeed it can be as the stress of a short time frame stimulates my mind with a flurry of creativity. Apparently there is scientific support for this type of creative stimulation. Hormones, it my imagination or is every sort of "stimulation" in human beings traced back to hormones? Sometimes and I contemplate the scientific explanation for my behaviour, I feel like such an animal! The side of my brain that recognizes myself...(the definition of a sentient being), would like to think otherwise. Do other animals procrastinate? It would seem so if you watched my dog. There are times when he very obviously needs to go outside to relieve himself, but because he has positioned himself on the warm furnace vent, he is reluctant to move. He's going to get a bladder infection one of these days. I tried to tell him that, as I push him towards the open door, but he doesn't care.