Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

sad goodbye

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It was a tough week for our family. We had to put our big dog down on Tuesday. Unfortunately, she had been getting more aggressive with the weeks following a head injury. About a month ago, she broke loose from her line that we tied her on and wandered the neighbourhood for some 5+ hours. When she came home she was suffering from a concussion. Her head was swollen and her nose appeared to be broken. She was nauseated and weak. We brought her in for the night, not knowing what the next day would bring. In the morning she was much improved and continued to improve each day. However, she became more and more aggressive. On Sunday our neighbor brought bones for the dogs. Maggie decided to protect hers with the utmost aggression towards my son, Alec. So, I went out to correct her, and she attacked me, full force, bit me in two places. Luckily I was wearing a coat and gloves, but she bruised me and scraped the skin. I managed to get her to submit to me, but she was ready to go again at a moments notice. The next morning, I went up to her to greet her as I always do, and she launched into another attack. Luckily she was in her dog run and only got the wire this time. She left us no choice. Once a dog has habituated to attacking people, especially her owner, who has raised her from a pup, she is no good to anyone. It was a very sad day. She was a beautiful, big dog. And before she was injured she was sweet and shy. I am still looking for her every morning. I guess it will take some time.