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an arm and a leg...maybe

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I just returned from a visit to several framing shops in town. I am preparing for a group show at Artspace here in Prince George for the first week in August. I know that framing costs are expensive, but I was truly shocked at the cost. I have 6 pieces of work that I want to show. Three small ones, 4"x4" are $50.00 each to frame. That means if I want to sell that art, I apply my price, then add for framing, you are looking at about $120.00 to buy one of my pieces that is 4 inches square. That piece took me about 3 - 4 hours to complete, that's about $15.00/hour I earn on that piece. Most people my age probably earn more than that where they work.So, next time you look at art and wonder why it is so expensive, think about the framing and the time involved to create the piece. I bet it will look like a much better deal!