Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

Time or Space?

faith and spiritualityKim Stewart3 Comments

"Man transcends space, and time transcends man... We all take part in a procession through its realm which never comes to an end but are unable to gain a foothold in it....Space is exposed to our will; we may shape and change the things in space as we please." - quote from The Sabbath, Abraham Joshua Heschel.

I think it is because man has no foothold on time that he becomes obsessed with shaping and changing things from 'time' into 'space'. When I create, I want to capture, preserve and shape a moment in time. By changing from time to space, I am able to do that. It is a similar desire when sports fans with a remote hit replay. Or when the 5 year old who loves the funny face you just made says, "do it again!" Or when we take photos. These are all ways in which we convert time into space. This has become a common exercise for people in the western world as they somehow have attached proof of their existence to things in space rather than ideas in time. My question then is, if time is eternal, and space is not, then shouldn't we be leaving a legacy in time rather than space? Through my art, I can work out ideas about relationships, life, longevity, morals and values. Art can be a catalyst, the way to open the door to more meaningful thought, especially thought about what meaning our lives have when we can only hope to occupy space for 80 to 90 years. I like to think about converting my existence in space to existence in time through a relationship with the Creator of all. How about you?