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Canadian Métis Artist

what a title!

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Ever racked your brains to come with just the right word or description for something? Here is a phrase that perfectly describes its speaker: Ehyeh Asher Ehyer is translated (from Hebrew) as I AM THAT I AM. This is what God said when Moses asked Him what he called himself.(see: Exod. 3:14, 3:15). Now hold on those of you who are not believers, don't change the channel, this is interesting! Upon closer study, I find that the word Ehyeh can be roughly translated: I am or I will be. The word Asher is a unique Hebrew word as it can mean, "that, who, or where" individually or simultaniously. In English we have many tenses, but in biblical Hebrew there are only two main tenses, the "perfect" tense describes actions that are completed such as I walked, I did walk, while the "imperfect" tense describes actions that are incomplete such as I will walk, I might walk. The "Ehyeh" verb can be either one of these. So possible translations for Ehyeh Asher Ehyer could be:

I will be that I will be
I will be who I will be
I will be which I will be
I will be where I will be
I am he who was, am, and will be (ibid.)

The statement by which God calls himself more than a philosophical phrase, it is the description of a self-existant and eternal being. There is no more that can be said! Amazing!