Kim Stewart

Canadian Métis Artist

Art has always been my voice. It expresses the emotions and deep thoughts
I have about many subjects in a way that my words cannot.   

Artistic Vision. It's in my dreams.

Ideas for my art come to me in dreams. As I wake in the morning, images of completed pieces with all their detail flood my mind. I keep a journal beside my bed to record these images and colours before they fade. These early morning dreams guide me as I create throughout the day.

Canadian, with roots that go way back.

My family's culture and history are important to my work.  My family includes European, Scottish, French, Ukranian, Ojibwa and Cree people who intermarried and raised families. My paternal Great Grandfather, Frank Gullion came to the Athabasca Landing in the province of Alberta, Canada as a small boy. His father who was a retired Hudson's Bay Fur Trade employee from the Orkneys in Scotland, and his mother-an Ojibwa from Eastern Canada were entrepreneurial people who started a boat building business on the banks of the River. Generations later in 1964 my parents Ken Gullion (Métis) and Loretta Berezan (Ukranian) began their life together in the same town, now called Athabasca. I was born there making me the 5th generation to live in that place.

My family were people who used their hands and their talent to create with wood, clay, paint and paper. As a child I watched my Grandmother work with clay from the banks of the Athabasca River and I played with my mother's oil paints. Today, my brother and I both create using different materials. While I make visual art, my brother works with wood. You can find his work on twitter @thenewvintageca

Studio Practice and Research.

My studio is at my home on 5 acres near a small city in Northern British Columbia. I am fortunate to be surrounded by tree groves and small meadows that lead to a river valley in the west. Horses grazing in a paddock and sunsets filled with peach and turquoise hues are just outside my window. From here I work on artistic research as well as create. My research interests include:

  1. The connection between Métis material cultural and traditional artforms (hide tanning, beading, working with quills, and garment making) and personal well-being.
  2. and investigating (and restoring) Métis identity through art.

I have been practicing as an professional artist since the 1980's earning associate degrees in Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design, and a Master's Degree in Art Education. During the winter months I teach, and several times a year I meet with peers at art residencies or in larger cities where we discuss whatever is current in the world of art.

Who buys my art?

My art has found a place with people of all ages in offices and homes across Canada. My youngest patron was only 10 years old when she bought a small pastel work for her bedroom. In 2010, Coca Cola commissioned me as one of 12 artists to paint an 8 ft replica of their bottle for the Olympics. I have also been commissioned to create pieces for editorial magazines and children's book illustrations, like the one created for Shane Koyczan's book, To This Day.

“If I had my way, every home, office or cabin would include original artwork to enhance mood and beautify the spaces in which we live, work, and relax. Each person would have a collection of artwork that makes them feel connected and inspired. It doesn’t matter whether they create the art themselves or display the work of others, the art itself will change the way the room feels.
— Kim